Hi. My name is Lindsey and I’m a writer, editor, incurable workaholic, card-carrying cat lady and overly ambitious home cook, not necessarily in that order. 

Most of all, I love figuring out what makes people tick.

That’s why I’ve had my hands in so many different areas of this content business. For instance, I edited a newspaper in Cabo San Lucas. I wrote grants to help support job programs for the homeless in NYC. I helped launch a music retail venture in Brooklyn. I corralled bloggers for a finance site in San Diego. I got schooled in information architecture and world geography by a Canadian-born Ph.D. with a penchant for storytelling. I ran my own content/design business with my husband called Well Versed Creative. Most recently, as a ghostwriter, editor and copywriter, I helped clients get their polished, pitch-perfect content published in Mashable, The Huffington Post, The Atlantic, Social Media Examiner and others.

And I enjoyed every minute of it because I got to pick so many brains: of bakers, trailer park owners, panga renters, artists, hoteliers, taco-slingers, DJs & musicians, startup founders, music critics, government officials, CEOs, poets, software developers. Huge perk of this gig.

Today I work as Chief Content Officer for The Community Company, working with the members of Young Entrepreneur Council and Forbes Councils; I also play Bearded Lady at La Muerta. And while I defected to the West Coast (first Mexico, then California) over a dozen years ago, I’m still a Jersey girl at heart. 

Fun fact: My current favorite place in the world is Sunset Cliffs.