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Without systems, content marketing is a bust

Creating content for your business is a long-term play. Not that there aren’t search and traffic benefits — there are — but as search engines get smarter, content marketers need to get smarter too by prioritizing customer value over short-term wins. The most pressing problem is: how do you achieve that while also achieving business objectives?

One issue is that people prize things like links and disregard the opportunity to create content that meets more complex search demands. But I also think it’s unclear what kind of content creates value, for the organization and the customer. Read On…

5 questions to inspire your next business article

It’s  9 p.m. and once again, you can’t think of a damn thing to write.

But you’ve got to get your next [assignment/blog post/business article/autoresponder campaign/etc.] out the door. Preferably yesterday. Writer’s block, right?

Nah. “Writer’s block” is a bit of a cop-out, isn’t it? No knock on writers who believe in the muse, but I think it’s silly to suggest that all good writing starts with an epiphany. Worse, it makes writing seem esoteric and scary to the many people on this planet who write daily — not for pleasure, but for business. Read On…

3 things I learned about business from selling t-shirts


La Muerta Indie Clothing Co. "The Argonaut" T-Shirt

“The Argonaut:” Art by Olde Soul, photomanip by La Muerta.

Once upon a time, I worked for a small, zany startup in Brooklyn. It was before the idea of a startup in a Brooklyn loft was cool — or maybe I’m remembering it wrong, and it was right as a startup in a Brooklyn loft stopped being cool, and started being incredibly expensive. Who knows? I thought it was cool, that’s for sure.

So much so that for the first few months of my tenure there, I would wake up almost throttled by my excitement and butterflies and big plans…for my job. I was going to NYU full-time and working whenever I could fit it in, taking night classes and often continuing work late at night in my tiny Brooklyn studio, listening to obscure music and writing pithy song-of-the-day reviews instead of finishing my term paper on classical Arabic poetry (incidentally, one of my top-5 classes of all time). Read On…

How to Do Great Work This Year


In my work as a writer, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing and talking to a lot of inspiring people: CEOs who commandeer unthinkable turnarounds. Young Mexican government officials who want to do good by their people (and believe me, they have their work cut out for them). Experts and consultants who make it their life’s work to help others, to discover some way of doing things better, living life more fully.

Bakers and bookstore owners, toughing out a world of big box stores to purvey a product they believe in. Big thinkers–academics who devote their lives to thinking, What’s next? What came before? And how can we think about it better?

What do the people who do great work have in common? 

They love what they do.

But wait: not the product. No, not the outcome–at least not all the time. (Just ask a published writer, any published writer, what they think of their last piece.) Read On…