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Lucky Leo’s after a storm

Lucky Leo's in Seaside Heights, NJ

The end of summer always gets to me. Nothing, growing up in New Jersey, was as romantic as summer — the sudden, electric thunder storms. Hot nights playing capture the flag. The hum of cicadas.

And later, the late nights on the boardwalk — if you squinted, you could still make out the white water, illuminated by arcade lights as the waves broke below. Read On…

What Good Writers Do: Interview on Everything Internet Radio


Ever wonder if I put my mouth where my money is?

Recently, I made a brief appearance on Everything Internet Radio show, a top-notch broadcast whose producers do a very good job covering what small (and large) business owners can and should be doing to take full advantage of Internet resources. They talk everything from website design to SEO and, bless their hearts, content–in an approachable, common-sense way I can really get behind.

I wanted to share the end result here, for my clients, colleagues and fellow troopers/writers to enjoy. Especially #1!

NOTE: Just click play and the audio will start. No downloads required!

  1. For those of you needing a little push to just hire a writer already, here’s a few minutes of tape on why content matters–and why hiring a writer is a very worthy investment: [audio:lindsey-donner-on-everything-internet-EIR-show.mp3|titles=Why content matters (and a writer helps).]
  2. Even if you’re not a Well Versed Creative client, I expect everyone who knows me on or offline will get a kick out of hearing the dirt on how we started our business–so here is the full audio interview (16 minutes). Full disclosure: I don’t own that house anymore. But it sure was nice! [audio:lindsey-donner-on-internet-EIR-show.mp3|titles=The story behind Well Versed Creative.] Read On…

Social Media Zombies, Lifestyle Design Lies & Other Stories


What a long few weeks! At Well Versed’s studio-lab, we’re working non-stop on a top-secret project (in addition to our regular client work), and it’s taking a toll on us. I’m staying up late–later than normal, anyway, and me? I’m an eight-hours-plus kinda girl. When I get up at 7:30 a.m. after hitting the sheets at 2 or 2:30 a.m., I’m as eloquent as a rock. And approximately as entertaining.

Yet in my increasingly fragile state of mind, I’ve been doing a lot of reading–it’s the one thing I do well when I’m tired. And there’s been so much good stuff to read. My mind’s been swimming with new ideas I’m just too tired to implement.

So it’s time to set them loose: here are 5 must-read posts from the past few weeks, on everything from Type A personalities to a critical take on the “lifestyle design” myth, that blew my mind, kept me awake, and kept my going–even when I wanted to stop.

Read On…

Open Letter to College Students, Grads, and Entry Level Gen Y-ers


Dear College Students, Recent Grads, and Entry Level Drones:

The most important thing my dad ever told me was not, “You can do anything.” It was, “Imagine not being able to buy that cup of coffee in the morning.”

He said this about eight years ago. I had decided to take a semester off from school, with no clear game plan for the future. At the time, I was drinking a lot of two-dollar Dunkin’ Donuts coffees while blowing cashed-out bond money on booze, concert tickets and Metrocards (not advance student loan payments).

The brief pleasure and freedom associated with that cup of coffee was dear to me–it got me through my day job, through college transfer paperwork, and most of all, through stress.

The idea that I might have to give up something so small out of financial necessity had simply never occurred to me. But life is full of tradeoffs. You give up the coffee and buy health insurance. You go to bed earlier (or later) than you’d like. You definitely don’t start where you want to be. You start somewhere else, a place quite strange.

But it’s possible to get ahead faster and smarter. Here’s how:

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