My WVC partner and I generally don’t take on new clients anymore. But I still love to write and edit, and he still loves to make things beautiful. Ask us about this: hello AT wellversedcreative DOT com.

Writing: These days, I mostly edit — rewarding but invisible work! That said, I do write for YEC and oversee our magazine and other content initiatives. Here’s a recent article from our members-only magazine on building a high-impact startup.

Other bylines are a bit more dated. Here’s a fun one on Spark: 4 Amazing Young Entrepreneurs. All the people in that article really are amazing, FYI. Here is a piece about healthcare, if you like that sort of thing: What We Know So Far About ACOs. And here are a few business articles: 5 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Business With Your SpouseHow Women Can Harness Their Power to Shape the Future of WorkPeter Ganahl: Exemplifying Passionate LeadershipThe Missing 98%Schedule Your First “Pessimistic Monday” Morning?5 Principles of Successful Business in the Transformation Decade, Anya Kamenetz on Higher Ed’s Overdue Makeoverand finally — because, why not? —  a white paper (PDF): Four Tenets of Growth.

Design: My husband Luis Cortes is a very talented artist, and also my partner at WVC. For several years, we specialized in conceiving, designing and developing 100 percent custom WordPress sites, like Paul the Counsellor‘s business site and blog, Jennifer Gresham’s Everyday Bright (which has gotten many accolades for originality and use of “white” space, including this) and La Muerta’s e-commerce site, to name a few. Now he mostly makes art, art directs other people making art, and builds really big important websites for huge companies. And surfs.

Vault: I’m working on some creative projects again that have been on the back burner. More on that soon.