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Create Killer Small Business Content, Without Stress (or a Big Budget)

One way I put food on the table is content creation and editing–these days, good content creators, in all business industries, are in high demand.

Yet very few of my Well Versed Creative website clients are interested in adding editorial work to the to-do list. They come to us strictly for WordPress design and development. Big corporate might be on board with “content is king,” but smaller business owners aren’t there yet.

They hope that plugging in their homegrown, features-oriented content at day’s end is all they need to kick-start their businesses. These are people running tiny businesses, or just starting out. They have so much going on already that they think (or hope) “content” is too much–isn’t the darn website enough?

Not anymore. But it doesn’t have to cost you, either. Content gives even the smallest businesses an incredible edge–one they should use. Here’s why:

Who is content, and why is he king?

“Content” isn’t merely words on a page. (Or keywords on a page.) Everything your business and its customers “says,” outside the biz and in–from internal communications to your Facebook Page updates and press releases–is a piece of content.

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